Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mod Incons

A while back, Noel coined the phrase "modern inconvenience" to describe an exasperating occurrence inextricably connected to a technology or aspect of modern life unknown to our forebears.  And a few weeks ago, I wrote about the pleasures afforded by connecting to my Kindle so that long essays found on the web could be transferred to a device on which they are readable and portable -- where I consume them on my terms.

There's one big modern inconvenience associated with this plan: sites that don't have a single-page option for viewing long pieces.  Without all the text on one page, Instapaper can't do its magic.

Now it's not like I'm asking for the world to change to fit the way I want to navigate it.  A single-page option, even if it's just a reduced-graphics print version, is pretty much standard issue for any magazine or newspaper that posts multi-page articles.  Which means that when there isn't one, I sit and fume for a second or two wondering why that site hasn't joined the rest of us in the 21st century.  Then I skip the article and resign myself to never reading it.

What's your modern inconvenience?

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