Sunday, February 12, 2012


Like most of the country, we've had an unseasonably warm winter. Temperatures have been in the fifties most days, sixties occasionally. A high in the forties has been an excuse to break out the heavy coat.

Finally this weekend we've had a shot of cold air, and tomorrow there's frozen stuff coming our way.  Except for a dusting in October, there's been no ice or snow anywhere the vicinity. With accumulation of both in the forecast for tomorrow, I expect school to be called off, at least for the kids, without too much handwringing.  We've had no snow days this academic year, and there's not likely to be an opportunity for any more.  Temperatures are supposed to rebound to near sixty by midweek.

I don't ask for much travel disruption out of my winters, but a snow day or two isn't unwelcome.  In fact, the lack of any is a bit disappointing. As long as ice doesn't coat the trees and powerlines so heavily that we lose power and heat, and as long as slick streets don't keep us cooped up for days, a snow holiday can be a beautiful thing -- a chance for the kids to make some memories, a chance for me to take some winter pictures, an excuse to drink hot cocoa and knit the day away.

It's difficult to ask for an exact dosage of picturesque winter weather without the nasty side effects of danger and disruption.  If we were to get it tomorrow, I'd consider myself lucky enough for the whole season.

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