Monday, January 24, 2011

Downward slope

I've always pictured weeks as ladders.  Monday is at the bottom.  You climb up to Sunday at the top, then plunge back down to start over.

So it's hard for me to really embrace the image of the downhill half of Noel's absence.  We're past the halfway point, we survived a weekend, and now it's time to ping from school to work to clubs to lessons to home in the bumper-car ride of four weekdays until Noel arrives to put things back to normal.

But because I'm at the bottom of the ladder staring at an uphill week, I feel more like I'm not quite at my goal, rather than "time to coast until it's over."  The mental image of climbing -- of having to get somewhere, and most of the work being ahead -- is unshakeable.

One reason I like weekends so much, though, is that I picture them at the very top of the ladder.  Up there I'm basking in my achievement, I'm enjoying the view, I've arrived.

How do you visualize your weeks?  Are they across, like a calendar, or vertical?  Linear or circular?  What day goes where?  And how does it affect your overall sense of how time passes?

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