Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That face I'm making is "pride"

It was a big day for the eldest Murray child.  He was asked by his school to be its representative student at the monthly school board meeting.  A short bio was placed in the board agenda, and Archer was given the chance to address the board for one minute.

Over the weekend I gave him the following prompts to help him compose his speech:

1. Introduce yourself and give some details about yourself.
2. What do you like about your school?  Give details.
3. How do you help your teachers?  Give details.
4. What are your goals? How has your school helped you achieve them?

Total time for speech: 1 minute!

The speech he wrote in response is completely original -- if you know Archer at all, that should be obvious. He loves standing up there and delivering it, though. Several of his teachers came to support him.

I'm really proud of my boy!

School board speech

I’m Archer Murray, a math whiz. I am usually polite to others-even teachers-because I don’t want them to get mad at me. I like my school because you can get G.A.G.S (good as gold stickers) in many ways. If you follow directions/rules, you earn one G.A.G.S. You can also earn an A.G.A (art gallery award) by having your painting in the school art gallery. But there are special reasons for earning G.A.G.S, too, such as cleaning the classroom! I usually help my teachers my starting up and shutting down the computers. I sometimes file papers into students’ cubbies. And I also help Mrs. Ennis by fixing other students’ presentation problems! My goal is to get straight A’s on my report card. My school helps me earn that goal by detailing the lessons. Thank you!


Matt said...

Way to go, Archer!

Don said...

I know he is my grandson, but I thought he was great. Granny Lou cried.