Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Farewell, fourth grade

There are only a few days left in Archer's fourth-grade year -- and therefore in his whole elementary school career.  Next year he heads off to middle school (a foreign concept to me; my elementary education went through sixth grade, at which point we immediately went into junior high).

I asked a few weeks ago for ideas for teacher gifts.  What I decided on were bookmarks I could make out of leftover sock yarn, and little crochet baskets suitable to sit on a desk and corral post-its, stickers, and the like.

I gave all the special subject teachers (art, music, PE) gifts at Christmastime.  So I think I'll be sending these gifts to the administrators -- principal, assistant principal, etc. -- as well as the classroom teachers.

Time is running out.  Tomorrow Archer will get at least one award in the end-of-year ceremony (a note was sent home alerting us).  Soon he will be done with this school that has served us so well for five full years, headed out into a new adventure.  I know my little gifts are inadequate to express how much we owe to the school and its personnel.  But I hope they will be accepted in the spirit of our gratitude.

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