Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's get the gang back together!

Last fall I taught a seminar called "Craft Wisely: The Past, Present, and Future of Handmade." One of the assignments was for students to contribute several times over the course of the semester to a group blog.

This fall I'll be teaching the class again; my task for June is to whip the syllabus into some kind of shape (which involves some tough thinking and decisions). One thing I've already changed, in consultation with my TA, is to ask students to post to the blog before the class starts. That will give them a chance to reflect on their summer activities learning a new craft, or advancing their skills in one they already possess, and get them started communicating to the world.

I was excited to see one of the students post right away! I believe this is Brittany, already an accomplished knitter and crocheter, going by the moniker of "the obscene knitter" (because of what comes out of her mouth when her crafting goes wrong). She decided to tackle lace for her foray into advanced knitting skills.

If you don't have this blog in your feed reader, please add it. More content will start popping up as the fall semester gets closer. And remember that you're an integral part of this educational endeavor; if you comment, the message strikes home to the students that these little essays are going out to a vast and unpredictable audience. Their writing will improve as that becomes a reality, and they'll start thinking about this assignment -- and maybe about this class -- in a different mode. So leave a comment and be a part of the class!

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