Sunday, July 31, 2011


The universe is conspiring to make me comfortable with our five-day vacation this upcoming week.  Consider these factors:

  1. It rained today, briefly but hard, making me think that the next several days of triple-digit temperatures might not kill all the vegetation around the house while I'm not here to water it.  (Still watering as thoroughly as I can this evening before leaving.)
  2. We don't have to fly.  That means we're in control of our destiny and we can take as much stuff as we want.  Hooray for thinking "should we bring this?" and answering "why not?"
  3. I haven't seen my brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews in 18 months.  I'm realizing that's messed up.
  4. The open road calls.  As much as I hate traffic and get antsy with tractor-trailers blowing past me, I'm feeling the romance of being on the move.  So many days, hours, and weeks on the road with my folks when I was a kid turned out to be treasured memories -- even though they were never the point of the vacation, just the necessary evil of getting there.  Yet they have contributed to my enduring sense that the journey is the destination.  Normally I breathe a huge sign of relief when I've gotten past all the driving and can put my feet up.  Tomorrow and the next day, if the tractor-trailers will leave me alone, I might actually enjoy myself.
I hope the universe continues to organize itself toward a perfect vacation for me and my family.  But even if everything goes wrong, my happy anticipation in these days leading up to our travel has been a vacation in and of itself.

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