Thursday, July 21, 2011

How heat turns into fire

Archer's SLUFY homebase class is "Burning Issues," which is about fire.  (They've got kids pegged, don't they?  Classes about ice cream and fire.)  Today was the last regular day (tomorrow is closing ceremonies), and the kids brought some of their work home.

I read with great interest a folktale Archer wrote and decorated.  They apparently read "How Coyote Stole Fire" and talked about how folktales are structured and what morals they are intended to teach.  Then they wrote their own.  Here's what Archer wrote (click pics to embiggen):


How Heat Came To Fire
A Written Folktale by Archer Murray

Once upon a time ...

There was a cactus and a jar that is 155 degrees F.  The cactus said, "Ka-ZAAM!!!" and hoped the jar would turn to fire.  But nothing happened.  The cactus did a magic trick, pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  Then it said, "Abbraaahhhh!!!!!"

BAM!!!  It fell flat on its spikes!  And still there was no fire.

An evil genie appeared and cooled the jar.  He said, "Ha, Ha, HAAAA!!"

The cactus fired its spikes and killed the genie.  Suddenly, a match appeared!  It lit the matched, placed it on the jar, and there was the first Great Fire.

Moral: you don't need magic to accomplish something.




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