Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful to be home

I've spent one night at home in the last week, so my gratitude is all about being in my easy chair, with my computer and my DVR full of my shows, in my PJs and looking forward to a hearty sleep in my own bed.  Not that I should be complaining about visiting beautiful San Francisco, where I spent time with wonderful colleagues, had enriching professional experiences, and ate some lovely meals; nor about spending time with Noel's family in Nashville, where the turkey was well-brined and the long-unseen relatives were copious.

For me, however, four trips in three months is about the limit.  I've been to some fabulous places and done good work, but I am ready to hibernate at home for the rest of the winter.  Home is where I can spend an afternoon sewing -- where Cady Gray can choose a Perler bead or knitting project at the drop of a hat.  Home is where my beloved Little Orphan Annie collections, far too heavy to take on the road, are sitting by my bed to end the day.  Home is where the Christmas tree lights will soon go up.  It's where there is time for all the lengthy thinking and plotting necessary to end this semester and start the next one.

Home is home base, and everyone knows that home base is where you safely rejuvenate for your next forays into the wide world.  I'm thrilled to be done with the forays and in for a long round of rejuvenation.

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