Sunday, December 25, 2011


Right before he went to bed, I asked Archer whether he had a good Christmas.  "Yeah," he said in his usual affirming yet robotic fashion.  "How would you rate it out of 10?" I persisted.  This is the way to find out what Archer really thinks.  He will rate anything, and if he has reservations, the rating reflects it.

"10," he answered without the slightest hesitation.

Yes, it was that good a Christmas.  We were occupied all day with our new toys -- Cady Gray with her glowing markers and Mario Kart racetrack and paper planes, Archer with his Wii games and Angry Birds cards, me with the turkey for lunch and my Janome Magnolia and assembling Noel's Traeger smoker, Noel with his Fripp CDs and paleo cookbook and Sondheim lyrics.  If that sounds like a 10 to you, well, you'd be right.

I hope your Christmas was just as merry as ours.

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