Friday, December 2, 2011

Eight hundred forty-seven

Yesterday I showed you the handmade donations from our sale going into their box and one step closer to the children for whom they were created.  Today I want to showcase the customers and the beautiful, warm, colorful accessories they took home.


Claire snagged this Malabrigo slip-stitch infinity scarf by yours truly.


As this student donates his cabled scarf, he's hanging onto a striped tasseled crochet scarf by Ariel.


This supporter donated a baby blanket and got Ashley H.'s big fleece throw with a music motif for his very own.


Vice President Gale has a huge haul behind that red earflap hat he's donating -- a white cashmere scarf by me, red fingerless gloves by Brittany, and a yellow ski hat by Molly.


How happy is this student to be getting Emma's pink variegated scarf and Kearstin's yellow lace headband?


Jennifer is thrilled to be acquiring Brittany's white headband embellished with a crochet flower, while she donates a blue hat to a CASA child.


One of my favorite pieces in the sale was Bethany's ribbed scarf in self-striping yarn, bought by Justin.


Justin is modeling the other piece is bought -- far-flung supporter Diane's rugged wool hat with knotted cables.


This customer acquired my bamboo blend single-cable reversible scarf in my favorite color -- true red.


Infinity scarves! They're so versatile and contemporary, and this patron got the perfect color for our campus: UCA purple a la Brittany.


Paulette bought a pair of cozy fingerless gloves and a handful of crochet flowers, all generously made for us by talented supporters.


Love these bobbled mittens made by Craft Wisely alumnus Tamami and bought by Brittany E.


Tamami's not just a crafter -- she's also a customer. She purchased this clutch I made to use as a cosmetic bag.


Class member Ashley H. (left) was lucky enough to snag this magnificent hat made by the prolific and talented Brittany.


This young man has a definite eye for style, as proven by his selection of Brittany's stunning orange infinity scarf.


Happy students with a beautiful fringed scarf made by our supporter Jenny.


How about this hip guy with a bold purple and orange skater beanie courtesy of Tamami?


Talented supporter Amber made dozens of these crocheted flowers which were in high demand as hair and clothing accessories or decor, as this customer (a crafter herself!) demonstrates.


One of the final items purchased was this horse-themed fleece blanket made by Debra, a faculty supporter. It perfectly matched this customer's Western purse.


Amber's flowers closed out the sale thanks to my colleague Adam and this enthusiastic booster.

Eight hundred forty-seven dollars -- that's the total that all these wonderful, wonderful people contributed. For their money they received the work of our hands and the gratitude of our hearts, not to mention the spiritual and communal benefits of contributing to children in our county for whom we as a society have taken responsibility.

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