Monday, April 2, 2012


I walked into our department office today where a colleague and staff member were looking at a lovely envelope.  It was dark blue, with the colleague's name written in silver marker, and it closed at one of the short ends with one of those strings on a button -- you know the kind I mean?

String & Button Envelopes - Paper Source
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(I grabbed this image from Paper Source, and I think this might have been the very envelope.)

Upon seeing this striking bit of folded paper, I commented on how much I love string-closure envelopes in general, at least when they're new and haven't become creased and fragile due to too much interoffice reuse. "They may be my favorite office supply!" I exclaimed.

My colleague turned to the staff member. "The problem with Donna," he deadpanned, "is that she's not enthusiastic about anything."

After dinner tonight, my daughter came back to the house from playing with a friend across the street, and I told her that there was a surprise for her on Archer's computer desk.  She went to look and returned with a page that was completely blank except for an egg outline.  "It's for the Eggseptional Design Contest on Tinkatolli!" she said, wide-eyed and breathless.  "THANK YOU!"

Noel and I exchanged a smile at that emphatic "thank you," a Cady Gray trademark.  It's not a squeal of delight or a yell or happiness; it's a deep, satisfied expression of solemn gratitude.  "Our daughter is enthusiastic about things," Noel observed.

As am I. As is Noel. I think it's one of our few semi-intentional parenting strategy successes. We enjoy things. We're unabashed about it. And we've encouraged our kids to do the same. I love watching them in constant delight at what life has to offer, from the quotidian to the extraordinary. And I hope they never lose it.

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