Sunday, April 8, 2012

In full bloom


We were behind on our Easter prep after a busy week.


It was Saturday afternoon before we got to dyeing eggs, but we made it count.


Nineteen wax-crayon beauties. There is one still soaking in the orange dye as of this shot.


I even enjoyed the abstract patterns left on the paper towel that we used to clean our egg dipper between colors.


When the big day came, we put on our Sunday finest. For us, that's not very fancy, but relative to our usual jeans and t-shirts, it makes an impression.


As usual, the church courtyard was covered with red plastic eggs. Can you spot Cady Gray in her white dress and blue cardi beginning her mad dash?


Greed knows no bounds of basket size when there are Easter eggs on the line.


Then it was time to extract the delicious candy and recycle the eggs for next year.


At home, while dad was getting a delicious ham sandwich lunch on the table, we hunted for the eggs we'd dyed.


Archer rated the difficulty of this hunt a 7 out of 10, with a 9.8 fun rating. (The church egg hunt scored only a 2 on the difficulty scale, but a similar 9.5 on fun, with an additional 7.5 score for competition difficulty, which was not rated at home because both Cady Gray and Archer are good players.)


They were moving too fast for me to catch them hunting. But here they are with their loot.


Another spring, another Easter. And still they rise.

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