Friday, February 8, 2008

Cady Gray's top ten roleplaying scenarios

  1. I'll be a kitty cat, and you be a Mommy.
  2. You be a horse, and I'll be Cady Gray.
  3. I like being a cow, and you be a person called Cady Gray.
  4. I'll be a monster, and you be a person called Thomas. That's a train friend.
  5. Can I be a friendly monster, and you be a dog?
  6. Can we be kitty cat friends?
  7. I'll be the teacher, and you be the monster music students.
  8. You need to be Cady Gray, and I'll be a doggy.
  9. I'll be the Valentines man, and you go to sleep, and when you wake up, I'll give you a Valentine [actually a penny].
  10. The perennial favorite: I'll be Mommy, and you be Cady Gray.


abc said...

that's awesome! we get lots of princesses and mermaids and "falling into another world" and becoming something else (she saw Enchanted). We are also required to play a lot with "hand", Dulcie's imaginary friend who happens to be her hand. And there are so many rules! Does Cady Gray have a lot of rules?

stevie said...

This was really funny. We've picked up a few and started to suggest them to our dog, "Now Sophie, you be a cat, and we'll be a monster."