Friday, February 22, 2008

Mr. James K. Polk, our eleventh president

Archer was out of school for Presidents Day on Monday, but the holiday was apparently big part of the curriculum this week nevertheless. On Wednesday he regaled us with about fifteen minutes of made-up songs he described as coming from a "Presidents Day CD" with forty tracks. The songs had various rhythms and tempi, but contained a few basic facts: (1) The first president was George Washington; (2) His birthday is on February 22; (3) The sixteenth president was Abraham Lincoln; (4) His birthday is on February 12; (5) The 35th president was our youngest president; (5) He was 43; (6) He was born in 1917. (Notice how every fact has a number in it.)

Today Archer brought home his schoolwork for the week, which contained a booklet he'd filled out about being president. Here's what he wrote in answer to the question:

If I were president of the United State for one day, I would ...

be 35 years old for 1 more day. I would have a birthday on 8/19/2001. Now it is 8/18/2001.

Birthday Name President #
09/30/2007 Prenti 03295027
11/30/1809 Mane 00000000
01/30/1111 G. Mouse 17050201
06/22/2000 Bramble 00152706
12/06/1637 1620 Ed 6/25 for #063
2/29/1992 Berris' '90s Berris:07467

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