Sunday, July 6, 2008

The big show

On our way to Home Depot this afternoon to pick up materials for a couple of projects (details later), Archer said that he wanted to write down three songs for a show he would do "on the stage." I gave him a piece of paper on which Cady Gray had drawn a turtle at church this morning, the back of a Chili's receipt, and a cardboard DVD mailer -- the best writing materials I could find in the car. Here's what he wrote (all sic except for the footnotes):


Here^s you, Take a ride, Make a sec, Pick Case 26*, Were Friends! 3x
Here's you, Here's you, This is you! (repeat)

* a "Deal Or No Deal" reference


The one who will give it to you!
Say thanks to them!

**Archer specified that he would say this one, rather than singing it.


Do it right away! Make it! Make it! Do it right away! Do it now! Do it right now! (repeat)

(We did indeed get a performance of all three songs outside after dinner, complete with the specified number of repeats, although it wasn't what Archer had in mind -- he wanted to go to his school at 7:00, and I was afraid for a moment that the substitution wouldn't be acceptable.)

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