Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dance party

One of my favorite pastimes is watching Cady Gray dance. She twists her palms like she's doing the King Tut, bobs her head, and twirls in kind of a hippy-dippy fashion. And I can make her dance at the drop of a hat -- by dancing myself, by saying "move and groove," or by just rocking my head back and forth to the radio.

I'd really like to see her tackle some of the steps you can make Mo Willem's characters Elephant and Piggie do on this page. Check it out -- if you pick the dances in the right order, you can make them do power combo moves!


W.E.B. Adamant said...

Did you see Jeffrey Wright is playing Colin Powell in the new W. movie? How weird is that? And Richard Dreyfuss as Cheney.

If this thing isn't a comedy, it should be.

Timothy said...

Hey, I volunteered at the Knox County Library's Children's Festival of Reading back in May and heard Mo Willem give a presentation on how to draw a bird. He's a cool cat!

the secret knitter said...

Hey, I've heard of him! (The freelance project I'm editing has to do with second graders and literacy. His name has come up as a favorite author.)