Friday, October 9, 2009


I went to work. I graded papers. I went to class. I went to meetings. I graded more papers. I attended a conference call.

It was a normal day -- maybe even a bit busier than usual. But it was still an outstanding forty-fourth birthday for me. Here's what made it special:
  • When I walked into the living room first thing in the morning, Cady Gray greeted me with a beaming, "Happy birthday, Mom!"
  • Students, colleagues, readers, and general well-wishers flooded my Facebook page, Twitter feed, and HCOL thread with birthday congratulations.
  • My freshmen decorated a pumpkin with all their names and gave it to me in class.
  • One of my freshmen, who just learned to knit a few weeks ago, gave me a beautiful fringed coaster she had made and thanked me for everything I'd done to help her.
  • Noel not only told me to take my time getting home, but met with me cookies and my birthday present on arrival.
  • That birthday present? These beauties. Oh, yes.
  • There's a half-dozen comedies on the TiVo for tonight.
I can hardly think of anything better. Happy birthday to me!

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