Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meet Ross

I certainly appreciate Archer bringing home a sheaf of creative work this week that I can use for my blog! Here are his spelling sentences for the week (the spelling words are underlined):

  1. Ross can paint a roof.
  2. Ross has paid for the paint.
  3. "Leave the store, Ross!"
  4. Will Ross or Cecily use the clay?
  5. On Ross's farm lay eight cows
  6. Ross may seem to smell like gold
  7. Ross's neighbor is Lien Skylar and her phone # is 770-2190.
  8. Ross may weigh 62 pounds.
  9. Never speak when Ms. Callaway or any teacher speaks.
  10. No one got eight good as golds as their most.
  11. Sometimes, I don't feel good.
  12. Ms. Callaway needs to mark folders.

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