Friday, January 27, 2012


Noel is home from Sundance. Two weeks of faculty candidate visits, kid transport, lunch construction, orientations, book discussions, and early bedtimes have finally ended!   I'm always so grateful when our routine goes back to normal.  Here are some of the things that change when Noel's film festival trips are over.

  1. I only make breakfast once a week.  This is good because I really have only one breakfast plan: honey toast.
  2. I don't lose track of whether I had a shower that day or not.
  3. Somebody else makes the tough decisions of which show on the TiVo to watch first.
  4. The grocery shopping gets done in a much more thorough and orderly fashion.
  5. I feel a greater obligation to blog, because if I don't, Noel will ask me if I'm going to.
  6. I resume learning about new (and old) music.
  7. I'm not the only one telling the kids to pick up their books and games.
  8. Somebody gets my references to "don't have a car like that Google" and "it's a bleeping burrito."
  9. Packages get opened and boxes get recycled instead of piling up haphazardly on flat surfaces.
  10. I get uninterrupted crafting time while the kids are taken on errands or to playgrounds.
Life is so good when we're all together again. This weekend is going to be a celebration of all that goodness.

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