Monday, January 9, 2012


I posted my Archies list on January 1.  There aren't too many traditions I try to keep up with, personally.  But this is one of them.

For the past six years I've chronicled some of the things that have been important to me, good, bad, and indifferent, in a list at the year.  No commentary, but a lot of links people can follow if they want.

The best part about writing every day is that you are alert throughout the day to possible topics.  You notice things.  Gosh, that makes me happy, you think.  Or: That's a weird phenomenon. Wonder if anyone else sees that.  Some of those observations make their way into posts.  Others wait until the end of the year and find their way onto the Archies list.

A few other people find this exercise useful.  Or maybe they like summing up something about their experience this way -- in a list, a list that's as individual as they are.  Doc Thelma, one of my most vintage friends, always contributes one.  Doniamarie, a Ravelry friend and fellow devotee of theological minutiae, joined in this year.

Will you play this year?  It could be the start of a tradition.  Or just a lark to start 2012.  If you decide to participate, leave me a comment or shoot me a message on Facebook or Twitter.  I'd love to see the shape of your last 365 days.

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Kate.e.pitts said...

Here is my list this year: