Friday, July 20, 2007

The ol' six hundo

My favorite webcomic Achewood* dropped a casual moment of brilliance into this strip: the concept of the relationship mistake that will cost about six hundred dollars to set right. Lost your wedding ring? That'll be six hundred. Put a ding in the car you borrowed from the college buddy you're in town to see? About a sixer. Inadvertently destroyed a neighbor's cherished piece of childhood memorabilia? Expect to spend about six c-notes.

Specific, yet round, dollar amounts are comedy gold. It's been years since I heard the Bottle Rockets' song "Thousand Dollar Car," but every time I pass a used car lot or a clunker wheezing down the street, I sing it to myself and chuckle. That price tag has a lot of truth in it, much like the six hundred.

And since you're not queuing (that's how the British say it!) for Harry Potter And The Blankety-Blank tonight, nor reading it in the cold light of a new dawn, but are instead racking your brains thinking of more funny currency amounts from popular culture, I invite you to share your examples in the comments.

*Noel fulfilled one of my career goals for him when he interviewed Achewood creator Chris Onstad earlier this week. Now if he can find a way to get the editors to agree to a Joel McHale feature, I'll be in the proverbial catbird seat.


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Tasha said...

Hey, don't give him no tree-fitty. We won't ever get rid of him if you give him tree-fitty.

Though funnier than that is two hundred and forty dollars worth of pudding. That's the kind of pudding that only two hundred and forty dollars can buy.