Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Today's post, with rare all-knitting content, is over at Toxophily.

Bonus Archer Anecdote Of The Day (BAAOTD): During bathtime, Archer started telling Noel about the "personal store" that opened in 2001 in "state 24." When Noel asked what you buy at the personal store, Archer replied, "That is where Daddy picked me and called me tiny." He went on to explain that there were five Archers at the personal store, all wearing different colored shirts, and Daddy picked the one with an orange shirt with stripes.

While I was drying him off and putting his pajamas on, Archer elaborated on his fantasy of multiple Archers made by a copying machine (a frequent trope in children's literature and television, as some of you parents and former children out there may have noticed). I asked him, "How many Archers does Mommy want?" and he replied with a smile, "Just one -- this one, right here."


Justin Ray said...

For some reason or another, Archer's commentary seems very deep.

dougb0 said...

That's a good Archer story! But how come I didn't know about this blog until now? You can blame Papa for spilling the beans.