Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This could be the start of something new

I'm going to use the next few days to try out Blogger. Will it dazzle me like the other Google apps? Will I finally muster the strength to leave behind quirky, buggy, inexplicable iBlog? Stay tuned.

If I find myself posting regularly here, then I'll make the change and slowly start moving old content over here from my online home for the last four years.

The test may well come over the next three days. From 9 am to 7:30 pm -- sometimes later -- I'll be holed up in the university's conference center with 21 Honors administrators and faculty from around the country, talking databases and classroom technology. I have primary responsibility for only two 45-minute sessions in those three long days. The rest of the time I'll be listening, running errands, eating, knitting (I hope), and blogging (I hope).

Maybe I'll write about the epic battle between NBC's Singing Bee and Fox's Don't Forget The Lyrics. (Not since Leno vs. Letterman have the stakes -- and the concept -- been so high.) I'm overdue for a roundup of links to my own writing -- that's always good for a day's post. There's that history of Places I've Lived that I promised awhile back. Maybe it'll be philosophical musings about educational technology, or a political rant, or a lazy meme. The point, dear faithful readers, is that you don't know. So surely it doesn't matter than neither do I.

Anybody with tips or tips for proper Blogger use, or suggestions for clean template design -- please step up and be heard. Thanks for making that extra click to follow me over here. Don't change your links and bookmarks yet, but click in again tomorrow when you see the teaser over at the old homestead.


the secret knitter said...

I think you'll like Blogger. I haven't played around with the new template tools, but maybe seeing how spruced up yours is already with the header will get me to do that finally.

If you make this a home, does that mean Noel will finally have to get a Blogger ID to leave comments? :)

For future "history of" entries, how about pets or cars?

Justin Ray said...

I hope the move works for you. Or that it doesn't and iblog magically sheds all of its problems. Either way, I hope things work out well for you. I suppose I'll probably see you sometime on Saturday at the technology conference. I am a little ambivalent about it since I really should probably be moving during that time. But Kerry and I will tough it through for the good old Honors College.

Eric Grubbs said...

So, with three blogs now, will this be like a DC comics kind of storyline? Meaning, three different places tell one big story. This is what they did with the "Officer Down" series a few years ago.

stevie said...

Eric, I think this is one of those Multiple Crises on Infinite Earths situations, and Donna's going to need some character we haven't heard of in 20 years to come condense the universes into one.

Stuff said...

I have to say that my advice concerning Blogger is switch to Wordpress. It is very friendly toward importing old posts. I'm also addicted to the blog stats they provide. That said, it's been about four months since I have used Blogger, so maybe it is better now.

Adam Villani said...

Oh man, I didn't even realize that there were two different shows. I had seen promos for both and didn't realize I was on two different networks.