Monday, August 20, 2007

I get my socks at Kmart, definitely Kmart

Today's dailyblogging: the epic account of my first pair of knitted socks over at Toxophily.

In other news: Be sure to read Noel's perceptive essay on rewatching Rain Man, on the A.V. Club blog. Today was Archer's first day of first grade, and it's on days like this that we remember our journey with autism so far. Trust Noel to connect it up to most people's image of autism -- Dustin Hoffman counting cards at the blackjack table -- and to remind us all of truer, less sensational moments in that flawed film: Hoffman's conversational framework, his reliance on routine for structure, and his retreat into comforting autistic behaviors when things get out of hand.


the secret knitter said...

Quite a posting day for the Bowman-Murray household. You are to be cheered for your sock knitting, and Noel is to be congratulated for that terrific essay. Miracle of miracles, the AV Club commenters even managed to behave.

doafy said...

You both write so beautifully about Archer. Your love comes through in your fascination.

What do you think of _The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time_? I found it a very interesting read, but would enjoy the opinion of the parent of a child with autism, especially in light of Noel's point about most of the movies being about the families of autists rather than autists themselves. (Also, I learned a new word)

doafy said...

Well heck. I actually hadn't read the comments on the A.V. club before I asked your opinion on Curious Incident, which apparently the whole world wants.