Sunday, August 19, 2007

Manual labor weekend

I feel like I've been pummeled with rubber hoses. After wrestling cardboard boxes Friday night, wrangling party guests on Saturday, and hauling mini-fridges this morning, I'm ready to head back to my Aeron chair. Twice I've been playing with Cady Gray in Archer's room -- she likes to tuck me into bed while she shoots baskets at his Nerf hoop -- and have almost fallen asleep.

But there'll be no rest for the weary tomorrow: Opening Convocation at 9:30 in full academic regalia, luncheon at noon with a Title VI grant oversight committee, and then the first meeting with the incoming crop of Honors students at 1:30. The latter is likely to be something of a performance, and I've got to make sure I've got all my handouts and Keynote slides (mmmm ... iWork '08) in a row. Let's see -- I still need 120 more copies of the small group rosters, 170 copies of the first page of the syllabus, and another 170 copies of the instructions for registering on HCOL, the Honors online community.

That means I've got to get cracking early tomorrow morning to get all that underway before I throw on my robe and head across to the auditorium to impress all the freshmen with the majesty of academia. Granny Lou and Papa arrived today, and they'll be walking Archer to school in the morning for his first day of first grade. August 20: the day summer ends. Brief blogging is likely for the next several days while the 'rents are here; I'll try to get some pictures of FOs and WIPs for Ravelry and Toxophily to fill in the gaps. Happy fall semester, all you academics (offer not valid for those on the quarter system). Everybody else -- carry on.

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Justin Ray said...

I realize this all must be busy and stressful, but I still envy you. This will be the first time in four years that I am not a part of the university's yearly grand opening. I'm no longer a student, a council member, and TA, a PA, or even that crazy man who offers free coffee out of his dorm room.

I'm 30 miles away and will only be peeping my head in every now and then to play Magic with the guys and scandalize freshmen...