Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pinpointing art

Today at Toxophily: Cady Gray's first handknit.

I picked up Archer at school yesterday because Noel had a phone interview that conflicted with his normal kid-ferrying responsibilities. Here's the conversation I had while we were driving home -- Archer's in the back seat, I'm driving.

Me: Archer, what special class did you have today?
Archer: Art!
Me: And what did you make in art class?
Archer: I made a goodie bag ... for the football team.
Me: (bemused) Oh, that sounds like fun. What did you draw on it?
Archer: I wrote the words "WAMPUS CATS GO TEAM. WIN!" Because Mrs. Collum wants them to win.
That's right, they should win.
Archer: Mom, remember: Art is everywhere. (makes large encircling motion)
Me: It is everywhere.
Archer: (with passion and another encircling gesture) It is all over the world!

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