Monday, September 17, 2007

Another link in the chain

After spending the early evening (my usual blogging time) at school watching Gabrielle, I feel a link post comin' on. Here's what I've written recently round about the ol' webbarino:

  • A "sneak preview" edition of the new A.V. Club feature T.V. Club, a television blog. I'll be covering How I Met Your Mother, Viva Laughlin, and, in the preview that went online last week, the premiere of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
  • As mentioned in this As It Happens! blog post, a review of Irene Spencer's memoir of plural marriage, Shattered Dreams: My Life As A Polygamist's Wife.
  • A review of Nicholas Christopher's moody novel about mythological creatures, The Bestiary.
  • Two entries in this Fall TV Preview -- Viva Laughlin and Gossip Girl.
  • The usual motley assemblage of "Ask the A.V. Club" answers. In this column: whether a critic should read other reviews + that lake monster movie everybody seems to have seen. In that column, a dissertation on the origin of banana peels as shorthand for comedic pratfalls. Here, an anti-drug video from the eighties starring Lou Gossett, Jr. There, the genesis of the sax hook from "Rump Shaker." And finally, a film about a toy boat wending its way toward the open sea.
  • And (as previously alluded to) a review of Eric H. Cline's level-headed, informative, and drily humorous look at biblical history, From Eden To Exile: Unlocking Mysteries Of The Bible.
  • Elsewhere, an article on the doctrine of assurance in process theology, solicited by a student putting together an online collection.

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Jenn said...

Lance told me that you posted some cool answers on "Ask the AV Club". He's an avid reader, and loves that I know AV Club writers :)