Friday, September 21, 2007

Archer thinks about things

Archer brought home an especially revealing -- or perhaps perplexing -- sheaf of school papers today. First up: the fruits of an apparent unit on space aliens.

Here we see a picture Archer drew of an alien who most closely resembles the letter M. He has labeled the elements of his portrait: eye, eye, nose, mouth, "alien," "space," and "light." As you'll see, stars form an important theme in his alien-related work this week.

In case you were wondering about this M-shaped alien, Archer has provided a fact sheet.
  1. What is this alien's name? The nail
  2. Where is this alien from? space
  3. How old is this alien? Sixty years
  4. What was this alien's life like before it came to Earth? A good life that is fun
  5. What does this alien like to eat? space salad
  6. What does this alien like to do for fun? Play a "Memory" game
  7. What is one thing you hope to learn from your alien friend? A "Signing Time" Video
  8. What is one thing you hope to teach your alien friend? An "Elephanting" Lesson
This next drawing on a small sheet of blue paper may be related to the alien unit, since it appears to depict Archer's route to the stars through such items as a math test, a yellow blob, and an American flag.

In non-alien schoolwork, Archer imagined what this happy little boy wanted from his friend the tree (did they read The Giving Tree?). Answer: "an apple. a love heart. and a blue ball."

And finally, I was intrigued by Archer's definition of freedom -- and I believe I agree with him, though I would mark him down for redundancy.

I think freedom is: going to school. Going to school is what I think freedom is.


Scott Tobias said...

Mmmm... space salad.

the secret knitter said...

I'm intrigued by his use of scare quotes. And where can I get "Elephanting" Lessons, whatever they are?

katie j. said...

Congratulations. At 6, Archer is writing at a much more advanced level than many of my students.

Timothy said...

freedom is going to school, even if sometimes i feel trapped by all the school-related obligations i have.

Tasha said...

I too am curious about elephanting lessons, and what they involve. Does Archer teach elephanting classes, or is he only available for one-on-one tutorials with aliens?