Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Circling the drain

Last night at the vestry meeting:

Me: (thinking to myself) Hm, the seal on my MacBook is cracked and flaking off again, just like it did this spring. No problem, the repair is still under warranty. I'll call AppleCare and get them to send a box so I can mail it in. I can just carry my tablet to and from work.

This morning at breakfast:

Noel: Hey, the carpet's wet over here.
Me: Hm, maybe the dishwasher has a leak. Call the plumber and see what's up.

Around 11 am:

Me: (thinking to myself) Hey, my tablet won't boot up -- it says that some system file is missing or corrupted. I'll get our IT guy to look at it.


IT guy: Bad news -- your computer is saying that no hard drive is present. I think it may have crashed. You'll have to take it over to the Help Desk and see what they can do for you.
Me: Well, that blows. I need to start grading papers tonight and that's when I use the pen input on the tablet. I'll drop it off in the Business Building and see if they can fix it.

After lunch:

Noel: (on the phone) The plumber took everything apart and says that the leak's in the pipes that go through the wall in back of the sink. So we've moved all the furniture to the middle of the dining room and he's inside the wall working on it.
Me: At least he's found the problem. Let's just hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.


Me: (thinking to myself) Sure was smart of me to keep all my documents on Google Docs instead of on my hard drive. I won't even miss a beat while my tablet's in the shop. All I have to do is carry my MacBook back and forth from home every day ... (remembers first incident in sequence, slumps into insensibility)


the secret knitter said...


Oh wait, this wasn't supposed to be funny, was it? ;) Tough breaks for one day.

katie j. said...

The seal on my macbook is cracking...why does it do that?