Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The creeping crud

We're a relatively healthy lot here at the Murray-Bowman household. Lots of our friends are constantly battling some kid-borne infection or another, but most of the time, we're sailing through without a care in the world.

So it's about time for our first home pandemic. A stomach flu that has been making its way through town hit Cady Gray on Monday in a minimal fashion. Then Noel was laid up for eighteen hours. This morning Archer and I both succumbed. I'm not as strong as my children; while Archer blithely went on to school after expelling the contents of his stomach, I suffered through half a day of a meeting at work and then had to come home and sleep for four hours.

Looks like Archer's not quite done with it as expeditiously as we thought; he couldn't keep dinner down tonight. I'm hoping that another long sleep is going to put it behind us. Good night, everybody.

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