Saturday, May 10, 2008

Put them all together, they spell ...

I'm furiously, fruitlessly, pointlessly knitting my Detonator socks for Sock Wars III. So it's time to let Archer do my blogging for me, in our annual What Did Archer Make At School For Mother's Day segment!

Item 1! A laminated questionnaire, consisting of the following questions and answers:

My mother loves me when I get good as golds (2 or more).

My mother looks prettiest when she has on pretty clotes.

If I could give my mother something special from me, it would be flowers, and a very big lunch for every body.

My favorite thing about my mother is doing good attitudes.

I want to say "Thank you, Mother" for a new UNO® game.

Item 2! An acrostic on the word "Mother, as follows:

Letter | Word

M other's
O utstanding
T eaching
H ow
E xcellent
R eadings!

On the back, he wrote two acrostics with his own name:

A lien
R ock,
C arry
H arry To
E arth!
R ace!

A lien
R est,
C arry
H enley To
E arth!
R un!

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