Friday, May 16, 2008

What happened to summer?

Since realizing earlier this week, with something of a jolt, that I had to teach one of my all-day classes this Saturday, I've been spending just about every moment at work transcribing my notes and grading homework.

But I did take half an hour out this afternoon to place another order at Dover Books. You all remember Dover Books, right? Ultra-cheap editions of public domain classics, paperbacks full of clip art, calligraphy and craft kits galore?

If you haven't checked out Dover lately, and you have kids, you're missing out. I got my first shipment of dot-to-dots, mazes, puzzles, crosswords, coloring books, and drawing instructional manuals about a week ago. Suddenly the clamor for new activities can be instantly quelled. I was hoping to hold back several of them for our June vacation, but the kids were too excited about the big box. So I just got 17 more items (2 of which are little box sets with five books apiece), planning to squirrel some away this time.

Order $50, and you get free shipping. (My 17 books and boxes totalled $52. If you buy kids' activity books at your local bookstore or big box, you know that you could get about 6 or 7 for that price from those outlets.)

Heck, you don't have to have kids to go for Dover. If you're a fan of medieval illustrations, origami, historical paper dolls, needlecrafts, stained glass, magic, or out-of-copyright fiction, Dover's got a bunch of $5 books for you! Check 'em out in their bare-bones Yahoo! store (the lack of website design is how they keep their costs super-low).

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Jeremy said...

Dover Books is also a fantastic source for physics and mathematics texts. Much cheaper than textbooks, so they make a great fallback source when the topics become really confusing.