Thursday, May 29, 2008

What the heck is going on in their heads?

A playlet found in Archer's room this morning, written on the back of a used-up sticker sheet:

Jackie: Inez is sleeping

Inez: Who's waking me up?

Matt: It was us.

Inez: Jackie?

[Matt is unidentifiable symbol that looks like a flag bearing a tripod and the letters CMJ followed by a pencil]

Matt: Who is that?!


Jackie: Inez WAS sleeping!

Creech and Jewels: Stop that bad behavior, Hacker!


A conversation with Cady Gray tonight around bedtime:

Cady Gray: Mom, you can have one of these [little blank magnets from a Hangman game]. They're model sticks!

Mom: What are they?

CG: Model sticks. You can have one!

Mom: Thank you! What do they do?

They don't do anything. They're model sticks!

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