Saturday, August 2, 2008

Charity appeal

Today's post, an opportunity to support a worthy cause, is at Toxophily.

I took Cady Gray out this afternoon to pick up another couple of fuse bead kits from Hobby Lobby, and after doing all the wandering around and aimless shopping we could, we went to a nearby McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae. Then I watched for about half an hour as she carefully sorted the bricks on the restaurant's Lego table by color. A trio of moms with about six kids among them came in and were having ice cream and yogurt treats, and three or four of the kids joined Cady Gray at play.

As for me, I sat nursing my precious weekend Diet Coke and gazing at the tousled curl of Cady Gray's ponytail as she knelt on a chair with her back to me, intent on the Legos. It's that careless, unplanned beauty of children that pierces me to the soul. And it's why I have this picture, from our Christmas trip to the Georgia beaches, as my desktop image:

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