Monday, August 11, 2008

Under neat that

I know I'm late to the Cake Wrecks train. But c'mon ... Cake Wrecks! As funny as I thought the fireman-with-dripping-hose "Good luck in China" cake was before, when I read the story of its creation and unfortunate coloration, I was shaking with silent, helpless laughter -- sadly, all alone while Noel and the kids went to the grocery store.

Remember, all cakes were bought from actual professional purveyors of cakes.

If you are not sick to death of me yammering on about the Ravelympics changing lives, hearts, and minds, then today's real post is over here at Toxophily.


stevie said...

All I have to say to Keith anymore is "Good luck in China!" or "Congratulations Graduates" and we're both in a fit of giggles.

Karen said...

Hey Donna, just wanted to say Hi. Found you off of Knitting Confidential. Cake Wrecks is so fun. Sometimes you just wonder what were they thinking?

Happy knitting!

Eric Grubbs said...

"Farewel 6th Grades"