Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ravelympics continues to devour my free time, and there's an update (on the actual knitting, for a change) in today's post over at Toxophily.

Meanwhile, Cady Gray has decided to become a math genius like her brother. She demands multiplication problems from us, then laboriously (but with astounding accuracy) figures them out with a combination of counting on her fingers, skip counting and adding when she gets past her memorization zone, and somehow remembering where she is the whole time.

Tonight at dinner she boasted that she could add 24+4 (a relatively straightforward one). "28!" she announced. "How do you know that?" I demanded. "My brain is connecting to my smarties," she explained. Then, in a dramatic whisper: "It's connecting right now!"


Stephanie said...

CG is such a treasure--I wish my two had learned "not to climb on things that shouldn't be climbed on," by the time they were four--in fact, they're still working on that one!

But "smartie-awareness," takes the cake!

Happy Birthdays to all, from the other birthday-full household.

Cheryl said...

Like mother like daughter.

That's SUCH an adorable story. :-) I really want to meet your wee ones.