Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comfort food

I'm not usually to be found without an appetite. If there's one thing I enjoy, it's eating.

So I found myself in an unusual position today. After a very stressful morning -- an initiative I was trying to push forward was imploding -- I found myself at lunchtime, but with no desire to eat. I was angry, shaking, and couldn't bring myself to leave my desk, thinking that if I just stared out the window a little longer I could figure out how to fix the situation. But I knew I needed to eat, because thanks to my evening class tonight I was going to have to grab dinner on the run, too, and it wasn't likely to be very satisfying.

What do I want to eat in that situation? I had to think for a long time. Finally I settled on fast food fries. Hot, filling, something I frequently crave (but wasn't really at that moment). It was the right choice. I felt almost back to normal afterwards.

What do you reach for when you need comfort food?


Whitney said...

Fries usually hit the spot for me, too. I have a huge sweet tooth, so when I'm having an awful, terrible, no-good day, I'll go to the coffee shop and get something gigantic and carb-y with chocolate in it.

Ali said...

Rolled up warm tortilla with butter. Works every time.

Doc Thelma said...

I bake toll house cookies and eat lots of the raw dough. Someday my cause of death will read "suicide by salmonella."

Sounds like we could swap horror stories. Sorry about the rough time.