Monday, February 8, 2010

Six inches of partly cloudy

We weren't supposed to get snow today. It was supposed to stay warm enough that we were to have a wintry mix starting out as all rain. But by noon the streets were coated, and by afternoon we had, as my dad would say, six inches of partly cloudy all over the driveway.

Finally, enough to make a snowman!

Or two.

Or three.

In the background of this next one you can see CG preparing to roll a big snowball to start another.

See, when I was trying to make snowmen as a kid back in Chattanooga, that rolling technique never worked. But check it out: She starts with the above ...

... and she ends with this. Just like Schulz drew it in the comics!

The whole family grouping.

Archer was more into imitating snowmen than making them.

If he stands there long enough, that light dusting will become a full coat.

The Greeks thought their wild spaces were populated by female spirits of various kinds -- nyads, dryads, and so on. Did they have a name for a snow nymph?

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