Sunday, February 14, 2010

Construction zone

Because of our new living room furniture, we found ourselves in need of new side tables. The two recliners that now occupy one side of the seating L are positioned slightly angled in toward each other, and there's not enough room in between for the 26" square end table we had been using with our sectional. And there's another angled gap between the corner recliner and the loveseat that comprises the other leg of the L, a place where lighting was badly needed.

We went to the big furniture place where we bought the seating, but what we were really looking for were triangles that would snuggle nicely into the angles -- and there were no triangular tables to be found on the showroom floor.

"Let me look online," I told Noel. "If we can't find what we need, one of the small round ones we saw today will work."

So I searched for triangular coffee tables. And I found, which not only had triangular side tables in the correct size (about 21" maximum width at the base of the triangle), but also had free shipping for those particular items. Click! Then we settled back to wait for our two packages, which (given the free shipping) I expected to take a couple of weeks.

Bam, shipping notice on Feb. 9. Pow, two large boxes arrive via Fed Ex ground on Feb. 11. It took until today for me to have a chance to put them together. I like building furniture, and this almost didn't take enough time to satisfy me. Easy as pie. Fit like they were made for the spaces we needed filled.

Now the vision of our living room is complete (for the moment). And I can sit on the new loveseat with Cady Gray while she happily knits away to finish her very first project. It's the kind of thing you picture when you first start looking at chairs and sofas and tables in the store, now come to life.

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