Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In every moment there's a reason to carry on

Today's post about a favorite fancy dessert and the dishcloth that brings it to mind is at Toxophily.

The busiest day of the summer is coming up this week -- far too early in the summer, if you ask me. On Thursday I'll have the kids at work in the morning to give Noel a much-needed break. After I pass them back, there's lunch with the provost, incoming students and their parents. Then in the afternoon I have a webconference for which I have to prepare a major report tomorrow. Late afternoon starts a sequence of several meetings with incoming students at our summer orientation which includes dinner and doesn't end until early evening. Then I come home after the kids are already in bed and have a TV show to write about before I get to hit the sack. After that day, everything slows down considerably. One big obligation per day is enough for the summer, even for someone like me who's trying to having the most productive summer since graduate school.

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