Saturday, June 19, 2010



KIP = Knit In Public. It's an initiative to show our communities that knitting and crafting are going on all around them, that there are plenty of us that do it, that we are all ages, genders, races and social classes. Knitting in public is a way to dispel the myths and stereotypes about knitters and display our strength.


Cady Gray and I headed down to Little Rock for the city's World Wide Knit In Public Day meet-up. It was our first time in the Main Library, right near the River Market on the busiest of the downtown district streets, and we found a score of knitters gathered around tables.


There were Ravelers a-plenty, as well as knitters who have never joined up. There were grandmothers, mothers, and daughters; men and women; complicated Fair-Isle cardigans and simple garter-stitch squares.


As we suspected, Cady Gray was the youngest knitter there. Our new friends exclaimed over her work and examined her book, causing her to fairly bust with pride. A newspaper photographer was there snapping pictures, and he wrote down Cady Gray's name and age; maybe we'll see her in the paper tomorrow.


She chose a Happy Meal to complete our adventure. An inspiring day, a productive day. Just what my hard-working little girl loves.

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Ali said...

Awesome! Don't I work in a pretty building? :)