Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Relaxation, Southern style

Live in a family for a while, and I guess they get to know your tastes. The vacation that Noel's mom has designed for me this week could hardly be further up my alley. A beautiful and capacious villa, home-cooked meals twice a day, plenty of games and puzzles, the occasional light stroll and dip in the pool, and a local yarn store just up the road.

Seriously, I think I could get used to this. The brand-spankin' new green villas at Montgomery Bell State Park are flat-out gorgeous. Built less than a year ago, they are tucked into the side of a hill and have eco-friendly energy-saving features designed in collaboration with the Tennessee Valley Authority. But that doesn't make them spartan, not by a long shot -- the kids have their own room with two queen beds and their own bathroom on the other side of the great room (with full kitchen and dining area) from the master bedroom and bath.

The kids are looking forward to getting in the pool tomorrow, and although it's cooler up here in the hills, it's still the kind of weather that makes you crave chlorine in your hair. I hope that the grandparents will go golfing sometime in the next couple of days, because Archer would love tagging along and keeping score. And there's a whole park to explore besides, with some expeditions outside its boundaries for yarn or wifi or the like.

I think I'm set for the next few days, folks. My posting may be late because I'll have to make special trips to town to get an internet connection. But I'm still writing. And I'm on vacation.

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