Saturday, September 25, 2010

Author author

Cady Gray decided to to make some books today. Here are the three books she made:

The One Paged Funnies

CG's books

Front cover

CG's books_0001

A long time ago there was a the end.

CG's books_0002

Back cover

Pokemon Tips: Bulbasaur!

CG's books_0003

Front cover

CG's books_0004

At a certain time of year Bulbasaur from all over the world gather together for a festival where they evolve!

CG's books_0005

Back cover

Learn To Knit

CG's books_0006

Front cover

CG's books_0007

In the front door ...

CG's books_0008

Around the back ...

CG's books_0009

Slip it off ...

CG's books_0010

And off comes Jack!

CG's books_0011

Back cover

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