Friday, September 3, 2010

Exclamations and commands

Archer brought home some work for Language Arts and Spelling this week.  The following were examples of exclamatory and imperative sentences he wrote to be used in given situations:

Visiting a museum:
Don't touch any exhibits. / What a huge dino!
Going fishing:
Catch a manta ray, please. / Wow!  A humpback whale!
Playing a game:
I scored 10,000,000 points! / Please earn the extra ball.
Preparing dinner with family:
What a huge pizza! / Give me a slice.

And this was a story he wrote using at least ten of his spelling words for this week (underlined).

*Untitled Story* by Archer
A huge pupil got bigger than usual.  He goes to a cool school.  His class has very few students.  The menu today is fruit and juice.  His suit got him into a bad mood.  And then he died.
The End!

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Louise Freeman Davis said...

Ah, his first tragedy! You must be proud.