Thursday, September 16, 2010

They write -- will you read?

Last time I directed you to the multi-author blog for my Craft Wisely class, the only thing up there was my introductory post.

Now there's two weeks' worth of content provided by students in the class, reflecting on their experiences, thoughts, and creative connections between class material and their handmade lives.  Kim wrote about the division of labor in a medieval castle being constructed in Arkansas.  Kate wrote about what she's learned by roasting her own coffee beans.  Christabel wrote about bringing craft from Tanzania to the States and back again.  Becca wrote about a pact she's made with her grandmother that has gotten her past the frustration stage as a knitter.  Natasha wrote about knitting for charitable organizations.  Kat wrote about the ups and downs of learning crochet.  Four other students posted a podcast about the discussions we had during the first week of class.

Their writing and the experiences they relate have often astounded me.  But me -- I'm not the point.  You are the point.  You, the audience they do not know, the readers they never imagined they would have.  When you read and leave a comment, you provoke an epiphany for these student writers.  They are not just fulfilling a class assignment when they write.  They are communicating to people they've never met.

You can change everything for these students.  And I'll bet you'll enjoy reading what they have to say, and learn something in the process.  Please follow at least one of the links in this post and comment.  I thank you in advance, and will be happy to accept your thanks later.

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