Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to airland

I'm flying out tomorrow for Kansas City in the late afternoon.  It's a strange time for me.  I prefer to fly in the day on the theory that schedules will have less time to get backed up the earlier I go.  (I once had a 7 am flight delayed for nearly an hour, though, because the crew got in late the night before and couldn't go back out until after their mandatory rest period.  So my theory might be all wet.)

But flying out early has one distinct disadvantage: getting to your destination early.  If you get to the hotel before mid-afternoon, your room may not be ready, and you'll end up cooling your heels in the lobby or stowing your luggage with the concierge and taking a stroll.

So I usually split the difference and fly out around midday.  It might be the worst of all possible worlds -- certainly I encounter my share of delays -- but it also means that if I miss a connection, there will probably be another way to get to my destination.

Tomorrow's flights break all my rules.  I have to connect -- no way to get to KC from here direct -- and the late flight means that if there's trouble, I'll be stuck in Memphis overnight.  (Oh, that brings back bad memories.)

So while I'm in transit, go read the Craft Wisely blog and make some comments.  Listen to the podcast.  Commit to help my students craft for Conway Cradle Care -- The Sensible Seamstress has put out the call.  And I'll check in tomorrow night from Kansas City, or at least here's hoping!

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