Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's the arts


Noel is in Austin appearing on a Flow Conference panel on television criticism. Luckily Conway put on an arts festival for the amusement of my children!


Up top, Archer colored the A in ArtsFest for Archer. Here Cady Gray colors the R because ... it's the next letter, I guess.


They say autistic kids lack mirror neurons, but Archer has never seen a dance performance that he didn't immediately want to imitate. He followed these dancers' every move ...


... even when it took him down to the ground.


And of course, they were proud of Mom's yarn bombing. (Front page worthy yarn bombing, actually!)


Cady Gray really wanted to scrutinize the yarn-bombing centerpiece: this Honda motorcycle completely covered with knit and crochet. (Even the stand anchoring it in place had a comprehensive cozy.)


It was the kind of morning, with the kind of kids, that makes Morton Brown's brilliant mural Aurora Rising seem like sober realism.

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