Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bowl of cherries

'Tis the season to spudify on the couch and watch other people performing athletic feats.  Bowl season has begun, and there seem to be more of them than ever.  Or maybe it's just that they have perplexing new names.  Right now we're watching the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl, which raises the eternal question: uDrove?

You can't tell the players without a program.  And for bowl season, the essential guide is Noel's 2007 inventory "12 Defunct Bowl Games."  In the three years since, the pieces have reshuffled and the sponsors have turned over, but I know you've all been wondering what happened to the Bowl and the Haka Bowl (the latter was actually cancelled before it took place).

And if you have free time on your hands before the meaningful BCS bowls start in January, you could provide a short history of your favorite frequently-renamed-or-relocated bowl in the comments.  This is one list that really needs a yearly update.

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Ali said...

Aluminum Bowl, right here in Arkansas:

If only we had a picture of Miss Arkansas in that aluminum dress...