Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A day in San Francisco


When I walked up from the Powell Street BART station last Friday afternoon, this gorgeous blue sky greeted me. What amazing spring weather for my weekend in the city.


I had an afternoon free after my meetings were over, and headed out to see some art. First stop: a little sushi place on O'Farrell Street right near the hotel.


Followed by a cookies 'n' cream cupcake from a tiny cupcakery nearby.


Then on to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which features an iconic circular tower rising up through the building. I was there for the Eardward Muybridge exhibit, which was utterly spellbinding.


Couldn't take pictures inside the Muybridge exhibit, but I did spot this Matthew Barney installation, the remnants of a piece of performance art where he climbed up the wall (using handholds on left), grappled across the bottom of the pedestrian bridge, drew on the opposite wall, and left his rope and carabiners behind, all dressed as Douglas MacArthur.


The tower from across the street. This was Sunday -- just as lovely as Friday.


And the glorious burbling fountains in that park across the street.


Next up: The Cartoon Art Museum, for Berke Breathed and Looney Tunes exhibits.


On my walk back, I passed this clothing store whose windows were full of vintage sewing machines. Wow.


Stopped off at Union Square on my way back. These heart sculptures were popular places for tourists to pose for pictures.


Later that night we went to an amazing South Indian restaurant called Dosa.


I'll end where I started, with food on the plate -- in this case, my paneer & peas uttapam. Just a taste of San Francisco, but oh so spicy and sweet.

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Doc Thelma said...

Love it! A trek into Frisco was a rare treat for me during my grad school days, but was always a blast when it happened.